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亲测win7 64位的可用的AMP环境-WampServer 64

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xampp 搞了很久就是搞不定
不知道是什么组件没开启 Drupal 7的装不了,也运行不了
用之前的装了xp的电脑测试phpnow 确实装不了,一运行就 报错了

WampServer 官网版本的也跟xampp的一样 phpmyadmin 开不起

The current version of WampServer 2.0 is 2.0i. This is over 1 year old now and the new versions of the components (Apache ,MySQL ,PHP) have a lot of bug fixes which users really should be using.
So I have decided to build the latest version of WampServer - Unofficial Wampserver 2.0j

This is an up-to-date version of wampserver. This means that there may be different builds/specs of 2.0j and that it is the most up to date version possible at time of download. This being said- all of the original wampserver addons do work with Unofficial Wampserver 2.0j and all Unofficial Wampserver addons work with the original wampserver 2.0 ( versions a to i). Unofficial Wampserver is also maintained on Sourceforge.

Custom builds of wampserver are available on request ( fees may apply based on time spent building the source, compiling and testing). This does not affect your rights of Free Software as stated in the GPL License, nor does it remove your obligation to follow the GPL License including the need to supply source code of your custom build if required. This does not mean you cannot charge for the use of your binary and distribution of the source code , as noted in the differentiation of free, freedom and financially free stated in the GPL Licence.